Our Services

SV International Ltd offers a variety of on demand and contract based onsite IT support services to its worldwide clients with 24×7 response time. Our services include Break fix for EUC and Data Centers, IMAC for EUC and Data Centers, IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), Site Surveys and Installations, Stock Inventory and Audits, Full time Outsourced Resources and Deployments and Roll outs. We have our engineers in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East. We provide single point of contact to our clients for all the services we offer.


SV International Ltd has successfully carried out deployments and roll outs of IT devices of different sizes at multiple sites simultaneously. We have a central deployment management team which acts as a single point of contact for all large and small scale deployments. Our resources around the globe remain in contact with our central team which intermediate all the communication between the resources and the clients meeting exact expectations of the customers and providing real time updates.

Our innovative techniques and resources around the globe are fully capable of following any specific instructions and timelines agreed with the customers. We have storage locations available for our customers at major hubs around the world which enables us to store equipment of any size and number for deployments and have the capacity to provide new storage locations according to the size and scope of the deployment within a reasonable time. We have continuously improved our capabilities and through our strong grip on this domain have won confidence of our clients.


Here at SV International Ltd though our experienced engineers we provide rapid transfer and sheltered re positioning of IT equipment without unnecessary disruptions and complications. We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients in a methodical and economical way. In our IMAC service we cover Data Centers and End users devices. We have tailor made solutions for customers asking for resources on daily or weekly basis. We act as a single point of contact for our clients during small or large scale projects ensuring least disturbance in everyday operations and confirming end users familiarization with the equipment installed.

IMAC for Data Centers

Whether a client wants to setup a new Date Center or have its Data Center equipment replaced or moved to a new location SV International Ltd shall provide the relevant resources to perform the job. From replacing a single device or a part of a device we have the expertise to carry out large scale Data Center Deployments taking care of the special configuration requirements and following the particular instructions meeting operational demands of our customers.

IMAC for End Users

The innovation in modern technology and its adoption in small and large size enterprises have created a complex and diverse end user work environment. The concept of End user computing is now changing and it’s now becoming need of time for such enterprises to have effective end user support partners with reliable mechanism to avoid missing any SLA (Service Level Agreements). SV International Ltd with the help of its partners and affiliates acts as hands and eyes of its customer’s onsite following particular instructions and any special requirements. With our past experience and grip on this domain we can provide resources as per the timeline and skill set required by the customers meeting the SLAs.


SV International Ltd performs site surveys followed by the installation of IT devices for its customers across the globe with the help of our experienced service delivery team. We have exceptional business relationship with our customers and have past experience in this domain which led us to continuously improve our services in order to help our customers to get better visualization of the sites.

Through our quality site surveys we have won confidence of our clients for installation of devices in the light of the reports submitted by our teams. We provide single point of contact to provide real time updates of the work being carried out to our clients.


SV International Ltd provides services for stock inventory and audits around the world for our clients. We have been providing this service to our customers following their defined parameters. Our teams of engineers are trained to follow any special reporting mechanisms. Our clients get real time update and information from a single point of contact.

As we have resources strategically placed in most of the business hubs around the world, we have the capacity to carry out stock audit of every size and scope.


SV International Ltd provides break fix services to its customers. We have resources for short term tasks as well as long term contract based break fix.  Our break fix services cover both End Users and Data Centers.

Break fix for Data Centers:

Our break fix services for Data Centers include replacement/removal/installation of different devices or parts of devices operational in Data Centers. We provide services for customers requiring resource(s) on need base as well as the customers willing to put their confidence on SV International Ltd to provide resources for break fix where they have special retainer contracts with the end clients. We ensure that the excellent service is delivered certifying that the agreed SLA is achieved. There are sites where our customers have tight SLAs like 24x7x2, 24x7x4, or 24x7x6 due to sites being sensitive for the end users, here we provide parts storage locations to our customers free of charge* to work it out mutually to ensure client’s device(s) is/are up within the shortest possible time.  We can even source parts for our customers at some locations which we will be expanding with the passage of time.
*Our clients can avail this facility subject to availability of space at our storage locations at any point of time.

Break fix for EUC:

Our break fix services for End Users include replacement/removal/installation of different devices or parts of devices being used by the end users in large and small size enterprises.  We provide services to the customers requiring end user support off and on and we also provide services to the customers willing to outsource their end user break fix support under tight SLAs and with specific service requirements. We have the capacity and expertise to provide an admirable end user break fix service to customers at multiple sites simultaneously.


SV International Ltd provides IT Asset Disposal Services, we are a trusted company when it comes to decommissioning IT assets, we make sure that all data is erased permanently from all devices, that devices are discarded in the most environmentally safe way, and that no toxic wastes are irresponsibly abandoned. All our processes comply with local legal standards and environmental safety standards in order to avoid legal risk for our clients and the company. This enables your company to focus on its daily business dealings, and by outsourcing this task to SV International Ltd you can rest assured we will do a perfect job. SV International Ltd can solely create and implement an ITAD strategy or could even fill in the gaps in your current strategy.

We can perform a one-time asset disposal service if your company wants to retire a certain series of hardware, and we can also take on the task of enterprise wide asset disposal if your company is upgrading to a newer asset type and needs to safely dispose of the previous assets.

Our service includes:
• Physical transfer of the IT Assets to our personnel
• Data Backup Service if the client needs to save data
• Secure on-site or off-site data erasure
• Disk and tape shredding
• IT asset resale or handover to local recycling firm
• Safe disposal of materials according to local laws

We handle IT Asset Disposal Service for a variety of devices:
• Enterprise systems
• Storage arrays
• Desktop devices
• Smartphones
• PDAs
• Flash drives
• And more


SV International Ltd has been providing full time 0nsite and online IT resources to its clients. Our clients share their specific requirements for the position to be filled. Our teams use latest technologies and come up with a tailored solution meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. We provide back fill in case of sickness or any other emergency of the primary resource enabling our customers to focus on their business goals without any disruption in their day to day operations.

Our FTE service has the following key features:
• Cost effective quality resources.
• Back fill availability.
• 100% on site attendance.
• On site resources
• Online resources
• Live time sheets.
• Customized contracts
• Up to Level 3 resources
• CISCO, Microsoft, Juniper, Linux Certified professionals
• Native and/or completely bilingual resources.

SV International Ltd provides resources for CISCO break fix and installation of devices globally to its clients. Our network of global partners is well equipped with all necessary toolkits to carry out successful installation of devices. With resources and storage locations being strategically placed our clients put their trust on us to deliver services as per their needs. Our key features of CISCO support are
• CISCO Certified resources.
• Global presence.
• Resources equipped with necessary tool kits.
• Customized SLA’s.
• Storage locations.
• Central point of contact.
• Live updates.