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Install, Move, Add, Change (IMAC) is among the services offered by SV International Ltd. The delivery of services is based on the need to provide advanced IT infrastructure and resources. The constant development of technologies, a dynamic business environment, and changing priorities have created the need to adopt improved IT resources and infrastructure. SV International Ltd offers support to enable companies to frequently change, upgrade, install, and move the IT assets. SV International Ltd is focused on offering end-to-end IMAC services with the aim to ensure minimal interruption to business continuity, reduce operational costs, and save time when completing specific tasks. The company has the adequate technical expertise, last-mile, global outreach, and ondemand support that enable businesses to transit smoothly.


Install and audit new systems with specialized assistance training to modernize your equipment and minimize ongoing costs.


Move the technology to a new location with minimal risk of damage and ensure it is ready for the arrival of team.


Updating and improving hardware and systems such as new accessories, memory or CPU upgrades.


Modify existing configurations, improve throughput and avoid common problems.

IMAC Services for Data Center
SV International Ltd offers last-mile and zero-touch IMAC services to facilitate data management in business. Datacenters have different characteristics that help in the reduction of operational costs in the business. Datacenters are also involved in dealing with rapid changes in the levels of technology used in the industrial sector. SV International Ltd provides customers with support in different levels of technology, including total infrastructure health monitoring and routine maintenance. The company has a team specialized in offering technical support to provide customers with the most efficient solutions.
The most common solutions in the data center that the company offers includes: