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Stock Inventory & Audit

Benefits of SV International Ltd Stock inventory and auditing services

Prevents Fraud and Pilferage

This service will help in disclosing of any loss, theft or pilferage occurring in the system due to lack of proper auditing. It also help in prevention of losses that could be caused by obsolete and dormant stock in the inventory.

Comparative Profitability

SV International Ltd stock audit services help you to get to know the actual financial position picture of your business. Also improves the efficiency and performance of your business by truly locating the technology lags in your business financial plans and the actual standing of your business position.

Independent Third Party Opinion

Identification of any gap in the management of your current inventory and the actual value of your inventory can be processed with the assistance of our professional and highly experienced team at the SV International Ltd. it also help in the cross checking and verification of your company’s stock with that of financial audit file across multiple locations of your business.

Identification of Slow-moving & Deadstock

Stock inventory auditing helps in keeping record of the actual inventory for your business processes. It help you to estimate the any shortage or overstocking of the resources in the inventory. This way it help to manage the inventory when business is dealing with multiple vendors at a time or operating at multiple sites.

Stock Inventory and Audit
SV International Ltd provides you with the stock inventory auditing services for your business to assist you in ruling out all the discrepancies in your financial records and physical inventory stock. Although stock inventory auditing services are needed to be carried out only once in a financial year but for large and expanding business this service needed to be carried out on regular basis. Expanding business involves multiple business sites with large number of national and international clients and vendors. It involves precise and accurate auditing of the resources for which SV International Ltd could provide you stock inventory and auditing services at your easiest.