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Wireless Survey

For designing a successful Wi-Fi network design, the Wi-Fi surveys plays an important role. At SV International Ltd we are providing the Wi-Fi surveys with the primary purpose of estimating the necessary considerations for the deployment like Wi-Fi coverage, access point locations, interference and network cabling requirements. SV International Ltd team is expert at providing the best Wi-Fi surveys for the last several years and uses the latest tools for mapping. Our team has designed several types of Wi-Fi surveys that would help you in selecting the best one matching to your requirements and the environment.
Goals of Wi-Fi Site Survey:
SV International Ltd Wi-Fi surveys ensure the success of your company by providing you with the best possible connectivity. We recommend our survey when implementing a wireless network. During set-up of a wireless network we search for the optimal coverage and performance with the minimal use of equipment. We will always help you to remember the objectives of a wireless site surveys to determine the feasibility of a wireless network to complete your company requirements. When installing a network, you will need to consider how much of the area needs coverage, how many devices will be connected, the geographic infrastructure, and if there will be any potential interference.
What are the Requirements for a WI-FI SURVEY?
SV International Ltd Wi-Fi study starts with your business goal and you will see how adequately they are being met by your present organization. We direct our Wi-Fi reviews with a confided in group that utilizations Air Magnet or EKAHAU programming to gather information. During our site visit, our study experts will do versatile range investigation utilizing EKAHAU study to remote organization execution with accuracy. At the point when you will utilize SV International Ltd Wi-Fi study site, you will get that our overview information is the most exact. It upholds our specialists in planning remote organization that can guarantee an assurance inclusion. On the off chance that you are introducing another remote organization, you can send us a point by point region plan and we can conduct the Wi-Fi plan for you.