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Site Survey & Installation

Site Survey and Installation

SV International Ltd offers site survey service provides professional site survey to its valuable clients in order to save their time and cost. Its analysis the already in use technology, the problem that it is creating, need for the rollout technology and requirements for the deployment. Site surveys helps in assessment of your business technology and the requirements that it will need for integration of the new technology in order to provide you with the solution of your problem.
Site survey service of SV International Ltd could be implied for your complex solutions like firewalls, servers and networking or for simple projects such as installing new PCs or laptops. Site surveys are of more value for WiFi solutions, as onsite survey will help in assessing the optimum access points for the installation in order to get the maximum performance and coverage of the internet at the desired point.

You need to install an extra resource or update existing technology?
We at SV International Ltd are here to assist you in installation process according to your own requirements and project design. Our site survey and installation service will provide you with:

Deployment and Installation

We will handle your entire procedure for deployment and installation

Large Rollouts

Will assist you in boosting your overall capacity for installing large rollouts

Installing Resources

SV International Ltd can also help you in installing resources using your available IT resources even at remote locations

Cumbersome Installations

Hard to reach sites could be accessed by us and we can provide you with cumbersome installations there

Technology Rollout

From single resource installation to whole technology rollout you can trust SV International Ltd services

Quality of Service

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