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Is Cyber Security an Issue in Autonomous Cars?

Cyber Security in Driverless Cars

Is Cyber Security an Issue in Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars are driver-less, self-driving cars that make use of complex computer algorithms and commonly used computer technologies like sensors, wireless networks, GPS, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), etc. The more it seemed a science fiction a few years back, the more real it is now. Due to great technological advancement, cars do not need drivers now to undertake journeys. Or cargo fleets can go places without drivers sacrificing their sleep. The autonomous cars are soon to become a reality the whole world will witness.

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Cyber Security a Concern for Driver less Cars

This evolution in automation of cars, on the other hand, is doubted to bring some cybersecurity concerns. Since these tech-operated vehicles will be connected through internet, they can come under attack from hackers. Hackers can manipulate the system and interfere with the working of a single vehicle or an entire fleet connected by a wireless network. They can be used by terrorists to wreak havoc in a city, cause road accidents, create road blockages or traffic jams. The biggest threat it poses is to one’s personal information that these cars will use. The information of the rider can fall in wrong hands.

All of these security concerns can increase mistrust among the public to invest in this technology. This means these autonomous cars must have intense security systems which are secure and equipped to avert a cyber security attack. The operation centres of autonomous vehicles need to be secure as well. Measures have to be taken to ensure the security of the riders’ personal information. Moreover, security cameras on roads must be able to detect unusual car behavior. The rider must be given some access or control to contact the operating centre in case he observes an interference in the vehicle by an external source.

The autonomous car is sure an exciting and thrilling innovation. And after addressing the cyber security threats, it can surely become a great leap into the future of technology.