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Hyperloop – The New Transportation Concept

Hyperloop - Once a Concept

Hyperloop – The New Transportation Concept

Hyperloop is known as the mode of passenger and cargo transportation through a pod that travels inside a special tube with reduced resistance from air pressure. It is a futuristic transportation system currently being developed and will be a reality sooner than we expect. It consists of low-pressure tubes above or below ground that can form a new kind of ground transport which is fast, advanced and efficient. The design of the tubes to either float or use magnetic levitation to travel through the tubes with less friction is made possible by using vacuum pumps inside the transportation tunnels to reduce air resistance.

Technology Changing Modern Transportation
Hyperloop – Once a Concept

Said to be faster, cheaper, safer and less damaging to the environment, the hyperloop technology is gaining popularity in the world. Many companies are investing in the idea to make hyperloop a reality. Although the concept has been around for quite some time, it still needs some technological work to fully become a reality. Though in 2014, the company named Virgin Hyperloop conducted a successful test of their hyperloop pod with two passengers on board. This was a huge achievement in the development of this high-speed futuristic mode of transport.

The idea was first sought after by Elon Musk, the founder of Space X and Tesla. In 2013, he published a paper online that proposed the idea of these high-speed pods travelling at huge speeds defying the odds of air resistance and reaching speeds of up to 750 mph. Musk argued that this mode of transportation would modernize the way people work, travel, and live. Doing one on one  businesses across cities would be made possible. It would be possible for you to live in one city and work in another. This idea grabbed the attention of many companies, engineers and investors. And the time isn’t far when this technology will be competing against all the modes of transportation available to mankind.