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Artificial Intelligence Versus the Human Brain

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Versus the Human Brain

The human brain is the most complex yet the most fascinating thing on earth. It has an intellectual ability to think, learn, understand, create, make decisions, understand environments, recognize circumstances, have emotions, passions as well as the ability to communicate with fellow humans. One of the greatest achievements of the human brain is to be able to create its intelligence artificially in the form of machines. These intelligent machines replicate the behavior of humans and make decisions based on the data fed in them. This is called Artificial intelligence or AI. The artificial intelligence can replicate human behavior and perform different tasks like humans do. The most current examples are the autonomous cars, surgical robots, virtual assistants etc.

Artificial Intelligence VS the Human Brain

Despite of all this, what is it that makes the human brain different from the AI and is AI better than human intelligence? The biggest fear that humans have today is that Artificial intelligence will replace and outsmart humans eventually. But is AI sufficient enough to work on its own without its reliance on humans?

The Artificial intelligence machines work on the basis of data fed in them by humans. They make smart decisions based on the information they have and learn from past experiences. But machines cannot have abstract emotions like intuition, motivation and passion. These intelligent machines can outperform humans in many respects but they do not have the ability to think and make rational decisions. Their actions are based on the information fed in them by humans and since the humans themselves are not fully aware of the capabilities of their brain’s thought process, they cannot make a machine compete with their cognitive ability.

How advanced will the Artificial Intelligence machines be? And with this rate of technological advancement, will they one day become smarter than humans? The advancement of Artificial intelligence depends on the advancement of human intelligence. The more intelligent the human brain becomes, the smarter machines it will create. This reliance of AI on human intelligence will be permanent. It is up to the humans now to decide in what way they want to use the technology of AI; for the betterment of the mankind or its devastation.