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Technological Trends in the Next Decade

Technology In The Next Decade

Technological Trends in the Next Decade

Technology has advanced greatly in the last decade. Though we have not seen flying cars yet. But the 2020s will bring about great changes in our lives. The last ten years were very happening and innovative in ways of technological advancement. And if the world keeps going on at this pace, we are sure to see remarkable and mind-blowing innovations.

The next ten years will be the time of what advancements and trends, let’s see!

Technology In The Next Decade
Technology In The Next Decade

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been around for quite some time but not in a way it is going to be in a few years. The Artificial Intelligence machines are becoming more intelligent. They are increasing their ability to learn and then act. This set of machine skill will revolutionize the modern world and will pave way for the invention of many new machines.

Cloud Robotics

These are robots that have their brain connected to an online cloud. They have high intellectual capacity because of access to a vast information. They learn from the experiences of one another.  These robots will develop the capability to see, hear, understand the natural language and comprehend situations around them. This will increase the productivity of these machines and maybe we will have robot assistants in our offices and homes.

Satellite Mega-Constellations

This is a huge network of satellites in the Low Earth Orbit that will be used for communication and surveillance. They have the capability to cover even the most remote areas of the planet. Currently, some companies have launched their mega satellite programs for providing high speed internet to every part of the world. This will guarantee faster broadband speeds and hence increase wireless technology potential.

Autonomous Cars

With innovation in Artificial Intelligence and wireless technology, the autonomous cars will hit the road everywhere. The fast and reliable data transfer will facilitate the movement of the self-driving cars. These intelligent machines with super-brains will conquer our automobile industry. This technology can be applied to all the vehicles in the land, sea and air.

Quantum Computing

These are unimaginably fast computers that are able to solve highly complex problems. They will soon replace the super computers – the fastest we have today.

Gene Editing

Gene Editing and genetic modification will become a reality. Diseases prevalent today like Cancer, will be treated through genome editing. Scientist will be able to modify, insert, delete or replace certain elements in the DNA even before a child is born. This technology will benefit every living organism on Earth and not just humans. This will increase the productivity of the crops. It can increase the lifespan of animals and prevent in them hereditary diseases.

The world in the next decade will be highly machine dependent. There will be countless inventions by the humans to increase their own natural capability. The intelligent machines will form a part of our everyday lives. We will be able to control diseases and modify humans through machines. The internet will be everywhere. And who knows, in these coming years we may colonize the Mars as well.