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Managed IT Services vs IT Break-fix Services – the Difference

Managed IT Services vs IT Break-fix Services

Managed IT Services vs IT Break-fix ServicesInformation Technology (IT) plays a critical role in organizations nowadays. It is not wrong to say that without IT, most businesses will fold within months, indicating how critical IT has become. Irrespective of the industry, business type or size, a top-quality and up-to-date IT infrastructure is the need of the hour. Without this, organizations can no longer serve their customers effectively. According to Statista, IT spending has increased worldwide as organizations increasingly focus on digital transformation. It is expected to reach $4.43 trillion in 2022.

However, businesses should not blindly start spending on IT infrastructure and services. They should first assess their requirements and then decide. IT is a vast field. Therefore, businesses must understand the terminologies and concepts to achieve maximum benefit. One of the most apparent IT failures is Canada’s Phoenix Pay System. The project was initiated in 2010 at a budget of $309 million. The project has been a disaster. The total project cost has ballooned to $2.2 billion. The government has already recommended replacing the system.

While the government can afford such costly failures, your organization cannot. Thus, you must get the right IT services for your business. It will help you save money, resources, time, and reputation. One common mistake that people make is regarding the managed IT and IT break-fix services. Most businesses consider them the same. They only realize their mistake when the IT service providers don’t meet their expectations. Therefore, we will discuss the difference between the two.

Managed IT Services

Barclays – one of the leading banks in the UK Banking is one of the first industries to adopt IT as it promised improvements in operations, customer service, and data management. Today, banks cannot function without IT. If a bank is cut off from its IT infrastructure, customers cannot even log in to their bank accounts, let alone make any transaction. In other words, IT is critical to the bank’s routine operations and success. Such organizations require managed IT services. A managed IT service provider offers 24/7 IT support. They adopt a proactive approach to IT, and issues are resolved before they escalate to a level that starts affecting routine business operations. Managed IT services providers to perform most of the work remotely. They have dedicated teams that look after your organization’s entire or a specific part of the IT infrastructure.

IT Break-fix Services

Suppose that you are an apparel manufacturing company based in the UK. Most of the manufacturing is done by hand, which is your unique selling point. One day, you experience an electricity surge which causes your IT infrastructure to malfunction. You decide to call an IT company in the UK to inspect and fix your equipment. This service is an IT break-fix service. When an IT-related break occurs, this company comes and sets it. Such services are ideal for organizations that don’t require frequent services. Break-fix IT services operate on a pay-as-you-use service and are considered a reactive approach.

The Difference?

Hence, the primary difference between the two is their approach to resolving IT issues. Break-fix model is reactive, whereas managed IT services are proactive. Another difference is that break-fix operates on a pay-as-you-use model, whereas the latter is subscription based.


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